Capacity Building for Sustainable Development

Capacity Building for Sustainable Development
Valentine James
Cabi Publishing
Capacity building has been a topic of intense focus in many “core” or industrialized counties. This book explores the theoretical underpinnings of capacity building to sustain the natural resources, cultural resources, and human resources of communities. It reviews the extensive literature on capacity building strategies and policies and examines the implication of sustainable development and sustainability of communities around the world. The approach is theoretical and applied. It offers methods of operationalizing sustainable development and sustainability theories and explores capacity building methods at different levels of governments. Successful practices in non-governmental and governmental agency roles are examined. The general theme that runs throughout the chapters is pivoted on the path toward embracing partial sustainability and whole sustainability. It provides a comprehensive analysis and examination of how to build the capacity of people in tackling many development problems, especially those linked to infrastructure accumulation and land-use development. Contributors shed light on the overall impact of globalisation and they explore many concepts related to sustainable development and sustainability of the economic socio-cultural and environmental systems. The strength of the book lies in its multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.
E-ISBN: 9781780646176 ISBN: 9781780646169