Tourism management in warm-water island destinations: systems and strategies

Tourism management in warm-water island destinations: systems and strategies
Michelle McLeod and Robertico Croes
Leisure & Tourism
Cabi Publishing
Warm-water islands are a cohesive group of islands distinguished by their geography and remoteness, history as former colonial territories, and dependence on external stakeholders for their economic and social development. Warm-water island destinations also have a year-round tourism industry. These island tourism destinations are facing unprecedented adjustment challenges in the wake of increasing globalization and susceptibility to external shocks, and are in search of appropriate policy responses to that globalization. It is critical for small islands to understand how these challenges affect tourism performance and how they impact their residents. <i>Tourism Management in Warm-water Island Destinations</i> unearths the critical aspects that contribute to tourism development and growth in islands. Particular emphasis is placed on destinations such as the Caribbean, with lessons learned that are applicable to other island tourism contexts in the Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and the Pacific. · Presents emerging research themes and methodology; · Provides insight into factors that result in successful and unsuccessful cases; · Features a focus on Cuba and its reintroduction to the tourism landscape. This book provides a platform for emerging systemic perspectives of the various aspects of island tourism, with the view that strategies for the management and development of tourism in island environments can be improved and will be of interest to those studying and researching within destination management.
E-ISBN: 9781786390936 ISBN: 9781786390929