Tourism and Leisure Behaviour in an Ageing World

Tourism and Leisure Behaviour in an Ageing World
Ian Patterson
Leisure & Tourism
Cabi Publishing
<i>Tourism and Leisure Behaviour in an Ageing World</i>, based on Ian Patterson's previously published <i>Growing Older,</i> provides an overview of the latest research concerning tourist behaviour and leisure needs of baby boomers, seniors, and older adults. With an increasingly ageing population, industry interest has intensified and there has been a corresponding explosion in related research activity. Covering marketplace trends that attract the older market, this new edition: - Provides an understanding of the older tourism and leisure market, discussing how to effectively provide for this expanding group; - Discusses growing areas such as independent travel, the leisure experience, cultural and heritage tourism, cruises, and health and wellness tourism; - Supplies case studies of tourism and leisure organizations successfully catering to the needs of the older market. This book is an invaluable resource for researchers and students interested in senior leisure and travel, a section with the money and the time to invest heavily in leisure and tourism activities. It can also be applied by professionals to improve their product offerings for this sector, which, while valuable, brings its own unique challenges.
E-ISBN: 9781786390967 ISBN: 9781786390943