Ecological Effects of Electricity Generation, Storage and Use

Ecological Effects of Electricity Generation, Storage and Use
Peter Henderson
Environmental Sciences
Cabi Publishing
This book reviews the past, present and future generation and use of electricity. While noting the importance of electricity to the well being of people argues that all means of electricity generation have adverse ecological consequencies. The ecological effects of all the main forms of electricity generation, storage and transmission are reviewed in 14 chapters. The chapters cover the engineering and physics of each method of electricity generation followed by a description of the different ways in which the technology interacts with the natural world. Finally, sections will consider the importance of these impacts and how they can be mitigated or avoided. A final chapter summarises the issues and ephasises that the only way to truly minimise the impacts of electricity generation is to minimise our consumption and transmission. Future efforts should continue to focus on increasing the efficiency of light production, refrigeration, electrical appliances and batteries.
E-ISBN: 9781786392022 ISBN: 9781786392015