Lyme Disease: An Evidence-based Approach

Lyme Disease: An Evidence-based Approach
John J. Halperin
Human & Food Science
Cabi Publishing
This new edition of Lyme Disease provides up-to-date evidence-based research and covers the rapid advances in our understanding of the disorders collectively referred to as Lyme disease or Lyme borreliosis. It explores the causative organism, its requisite ecosystem, disease epidemiology, host-Borrelia interactions, diagnostic testing, clinical manifestations, therapeutic options, the role of host immunity on pathogenesis and long term prognosis. The authors provide balanced perspectives on all aspects of Lyme disease and review both the basic biology of the infection and practical clinical aspects. Presented in full colour throughout, this edition: includes new borrelial pathogens that have been identified; covers the molecular biology of the organism; contains up-to-date knowledge on the role of C6 peptide in diagnosis; and explores new data from animal models on the persistence of infection after antibiotic treatment. As the endemic footprint of Lyme disease continues to grow, this book provides a broad and detailed guide for clinicians and researchers involved with the diagnosis and treatment of the condition. It is also essential reading for students of global health and infectious disease.
E-ISBN: 9781786392084 ISBN: 9781786392077