Risk and Safety Challenges for Religious Tourism and Events

Risk and Safety Challenges for Religious Tourism and Events
Maximiliano Korstanje; Kevin Griffin and Razaq Raj
Leisure & Tourism
Cabi Publishing
In recent times travellers are facing many challenging manifestations in the form of terrorism, risk and safety issues. This book will focus in particular on the risk and safety atrocities being faced by holy visitors. Human stampedes during religious festivals are identified as a major hazard that occurs during mass gathering events in Saudi Arabia, India, Bangladesh and other part of the world. Annual religious festivals and events are commemorated with mass gatherings which last from hours to days. It is these large crowds that affect the level and type of disaster management plan which is required by all stakeholders. Management to mitigate crowd disasters at mass gathering events and festivals have not been fully researched. This book critically examines these issues, and provides a valuable reference for those studying within in area of religion and events as well as event organisers, emergency and hospital services, and local authorities.
E-ISBN: 9781786392299 ISBN: 9781786392282