Local Identities and Transnational Cults within Europe

Local Identities and Transnational Cults within Europe
Fiorella Giacalone and Kevin Griffin
Leisure & Tourism
Cabi Publishing
Local-level pilgrimages, when based on strong expressions of faith, can have a much wider local, regional and international appeal. This book explores the central role of ordinary people in the popularisation of faith-based practices, thus, illustrating religious tourism as an expression of cultural identity, the interrelationship of cultural groups and the overall formation of culture and society. Illustrated through a range of multidisciplinary, sociological and ethnographic studies on the evolution of pilgrimage sites and saints, the book deals with a range of theoretical issues and themes. In addition, practical case studies and illustrations of religious tourism and pilgrimage development from a variety of international perspectives, provide scholars, students and local policy makers with a general collection of current perspectives on the growth, development and evolution of faith practices surrounding contemporary and historical sites and saints.
E-ISBN: 9781786392534 ISBN: 9781786392527