Sustainable Diets

Sustainable Diets
Barbara Burlingame and Sandro Dernini
Human & Food Science
Cabi Publishing
This book takes a transdisciplinary approach and integrates health, agriculture and environmental sector issues to comprehensively explore the topic of sustainable diets. Sustainable diets provide food, nutrition and health security whilst maintaining low environmental impacts, protecting biodiversity and ecosystems, and being economically affordable. In Sustainable Diets the team of international, cross-disciplinary authors inform readers with arguments, dilemmas, policies and actions on global topics that must be properly understood in order to be effectively addressed. The authors: Provide evidence and analyses to bring readers up-to-date with current issues; Review tools, methods and indicators for assessing sustainable diets; Describe lessons learned from case studies, on both traditional food systems and current dietary problems; Explore solutions to problem of attaining sustainable diets in the context of sustainable food systems and the right to food; Present a multisectoral approach to successful policies, programmes and interventions. This resource is essential reading for scientists, practitioners, policy makers and students in all relevant fields including nutrition, food science, environmental sciences, agricultural sciences, development studies, public health and food policy.
E-ISBN: 9781786392855 ISBN: 9781786392848