Managing Religious Tourism

Managing Religious Tourism
Maureen Griffiths; Peter Wiltshier
Leisure & Tourism
Cabi Publishing
Managing Religious Tourism provides a global view of tools and resources used in demand and supply management in the context of pilgrimage and religious tourism. With a focus on toolkits and best-practices, the book reinforces the quality of service provision and offers reflection on consumers’ perspectives and intentions to purchase from a variety of destinations. This focus is complemented by the understanding of management responses to consumer behaviour and mobility, accessibility, individualism and tourism for both sacred and secular purpose. A further focus looks at ways in which networks, partnerships and the conceptual stakeholder approach can be employed by Religious Tourism suppliers working with destination management organisations. Throughout the text supports sustainable development and triple-bottom line focus with all chapters supporting policy for framing development. Global perspectives on tools and management approaches and techniques. Focus on sustainability in connecting sacred and secular consumers. Aids learning and the development of an important tourism sector.
E-ISBN: 9781786393210 ISBN: 9781786393197