Emotional Intelligence in Tourism and Hospitality

Emotional Intelligence in Tourism and Hospitality
Erdogan Koc
Leisure & Tourism
Cabi Publishing
Emotional intelligence is the capability to recognize ,use and manage one’s own emotions and those of others. The use of emotional information guides thinking and behaviour, allowing adjustment of emotions to adapt to environments. As tourism and hospitality services are produced and consumed simultaneously, with a high level of contact between employees and customers, the development of emotional intelligence of employees in tourism and hospitality establishments is vital. This book has a skills-based approach and explains how emotional intelligence can be developed in tourism and hospitality students and employees. Key features: A foreword by Gill Hasson; The first tourism and hospitality book to describe emotional intelligence; Covers all major literature, concepts, theories and research findings from the perspective of emotional intelligence; Includes exercises, end of chapter questions, practical examples, student aids and Powerpoint slides for each chapter that can be used in class by academicians and practitioners in their training sessions. The book is intended for use by tourism and hospitality students, researchers and practitioners.
E-ISBN: 9781786398321 ISBN: 9781786398314